We offer professional services to the MOT testing sector, whether it is Annual Tester Training and Assessment, MOT Manager training, Quality Management or Consultant advice we have a solution for you.

MOT Tester Training

 Do you have a new tester that requires training or a tester who has a lapsed entitlement, we can offer training packages to suit your needs. Please call for details. Working in partnership with https://training.autotechrecruit.co.uk/ we will develop a comprehensive solution for you.

We provide the mandatory Annual MOT Training (minimum 3 hours per year) at your premises or a location of your choice. Courses given by a highly experienced MOT Specialist, all training materials provided, evenings and weekends available if that works better for you, followed by the Annual Online Assessment. We have a 100% pass rate to date. All courses are approved by ABC Awards or the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)


Quality Management

 Have you been told by DVSA that you need to improve your QC, is your Risk Score too High, do you struggle to keep your QC system working, are you a one man business? We can provide a comprehensive Quality Management solution, designed with your needs in mind, that fully complies with the DVSA requirement that you must have an “Adequate” Quality Management system in place, call for details.

We can carry out a Full Risk Assessment using the same criteria that DVSA use and can offer practical advice how to lower your Risk Score if you are in the AMBER or RED zone, we can also help to ensure that GREEN zone garages maintain their status.


Remember, having an external Quality Management system in place scores very well with DVSA and immediately lowers your Risk Score.

Consultant Advice


  • Do you want to open a new MOT Station?
  • Are you taking over an existing MOT Station?
  • Are you changing from being a Sole Trader to a Limited Company?
  • Have you been received a letter charging you with a MOT Disciplinary matter?
  • Are you facing the threat that you will lose your authority to test?
  • Is one of your MOT Testers facing disciplinary action?
  • Have you been notified that a vehicle that you have tested is the subject of an appeal?
  • Do you need some friendly advice from a specialist?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, we can offer specialist advice to guide you through the minefield of regulations.


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Remember all DVSA letters require urgent attention, please contact us without delay if you want our assistance in dealing with it, if you do not answer within the time limit you are likely to be found guilty as charged.